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Juarez, Mexico

We stand by our work

Brio Dental Juarez warranty

Implants: 10 year free replacement warranty.
Crowns and Bridges: 5 year free replacement warranty
Root canal treatments: 10 year warranty.

Mexico Dentist in Juarez : Brio Dental

Mexican Dentists at BRIO DENTAL

  •   QUALITY DENTAL WORKFast Dental Lab

  •   PRICEmexico dentist and dental treatment savingsSAVE 60-70% over USA
        or Canadian DENTISTS


  •   CROWNS -5yr Warrantylava dental crowns in Mexico

  •   BRIDGE -5yr Warrantyzirconia in Mexico

  •   FREE RIDERide to Brio dentalfrom El Paso, TX

  •    Dentists SPEAK ENGLISH

  •    Teeth Whitening

Mexico Dentist review

Janice, from North Carolina - Zirconia Crowns.

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dentures results:

DENTURES in Mexico

For some people, there comes a time when your dentist will recommend extracting your teeth and replacing them with dentures. While dentures are not as good as your natural teeth, they are certainly better than the alternative of having no teeth at all! Whether your tooth loss is due to disease, medications, genetic factors, or periodontal disease, your Mexico dentist will be able to extract your teeth and help you make that transition to wearing dentures.

Luckily, immediate dentures are available, which means you don't have to go without teeth. On the day of your first appointment, the dentist will take impressions of your mouth and send those impressions to the dental lab to have dentures made. On the following day, your dentist will extract the teeth and put in the immediate dentures. The immediate dentures will actually help prevent the gums from swelling and will also decrease bleeding after extractions. Your dentist will prescribe appropriate medications for you after the procedure. Make sure you stop at a pharmacy in Mexico to get your prescription filled.

Over the next few months, your gums will continue to heal and change shape. Typically, your gums will shrink as they heal and the denture will become loose. After several months, you will be ready for your permanent denture. Once again, the dentist will take impressions of your mouth and have the lab prepare a new and permanent denture.
There are many benefits to dentures besides restoring your ability to chew and enjoy food. Dentures provide a natural appearance to your face and provide support to your lips and cheeks. Dentures also help with enunciation, allowing for proper tongue placement against the teeth. And don't forget self-esteem. Dentures make you feel better about yourself and your appearance.
At Brio Dental Mexico, the dentists will make every effort to save your natural teeth. But when dentures are the choice for you, he will help you choose the right denture. Brio Dental offers dentures made of acrylic. You can also get dentures with porcelain teeth, or flexible dentures. Mexico dentures are the affordable option.

Removable Dental-Implant Supported Overdenture:

An overdenture rests directly on your gums and is supported by 4 dental implants that have been placed into your upper or lower jaw. An overdenture is removable, and is often called a "snap in" denture.

implant supported denture


First visit includes:
6 dental implants and 2 acrylic dentures for only $3,399.
Second visit 4-6 months later includes:
6 abutments and 6 denture attachments for only $2,999.
Can be done next day!
Total $6,398

For Upper Or Lower area:

First visit includes:
4 dental implants and 1 acrylic denture for only $2,599.
Second visit 4-6 months later includes:
4 abutments and 4 denture attachments for only $1,090.
Can be done next day!

Total $3,689

Mexico Dental Tourism destination

We are proud to attract dental tourists from all over the United States and Canada that travel to our dental clinic in need of Implants, Mexico Implants,mexico dentist prices- now only $$589  Our Crowns -start at $289,  and Bridges, Veneers and Dentures are extremely affordable. There are many Americans who travel to Mexico for dental care and Brio Dental does that work for about one third the cost of a dentist in the United States for the same work.

mexico dentist prices, crowns-in mexicoOn your first visit to our clinic, you will receive a thorough evaluation by a trained and licensed Mexican dentist. Our dentist will provide a recommended treatment plan. From the moment you call mexico dentist prices, denturewith questions or need information about our clinic or procedures, we are ready to listen and ready to serve. English is spoken, and we all speak it fluently. During the initial consultation, the dentist in Mexico will explain the procedures in detail and a course of action will be determined. We will not send you home and bring you back in a few weeks to begin work. We are able to begin work right away. Since most of our patients come from the US or Canada, we know your time is limited. If the dentist in your community is taking too long to get you in for an appointment and the cost is out of hand, maybe it's time to give our dentists a try. Contact us and speak to a patient coordinator to discuss a treatment plan prescribed by your own local dentist, procedure questions, or for planning to visit us.

Angies List Mexico Dentist Reviews

The dentists, office clerks, overall personnel are very A+ professional.

dentist reviews

"Brio clinic are so professional they have transportation service if people from U.S. do not want to take their vehicles over the border. The dentists, office clerks, overall personnel are very A+ professional. In the future I will be going over there for my dental needs. High quality workmanship and very nice building, modern equipment. We highly recommend this Dental Clinic AAA+"

WhatClinic Mexico Dentist Reviews

There would be no reason to not consider Brio Dental

dentist reviews

"I was very please with the service and the prices quoted. There would be no reason to not consider Brio Dental Clinic as a serious solution. I received three implants and one crown. Very satisfied customer."

Realself Review, Juarez, Mexico

I had the dentist do the exam and they just made me feel I made the correct choice

dentist reviews

"Looked on the internet for a place with good prices and Brio Dental was my choice. I called several places but Brio Dental was just more professional on the phone and the pace was just perfect. My 1st visit I had the dentist do the exam and they just made me feel I made the correct choice to come to this place."

Realself Review

I tell you all go visit them
they change my life.

dentist reviews

6 Oct 2015
"I made the trip t El Paso Tx and went across the border to Juarez Mexico to visit Brio Dental I had all my upper front teeth done with veneers and my new smile is just so incredible the price is even better $379.00 of one veneer and they are manufactured in the U.S.A. I tell you all go visit them they change my life."

Dentist Review: Andrey from Iowa

Andrey received IMPLANTS, and
CROWNS from our dentist at Brio.

Dentist Review: Canadian Patient

Abraham traveled from Ontario, Canada
for extraction, implant, and fillings.
Our Dentist finished the permanant
implant crown on another visit.

Juarez reputation? Safer than many US cities - See the numbers

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