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Juarez, Mexico

Mexico Dentist: Implants & Cosmetic Dental Tourism in Juarez

Mexican Dentists at BRIO

  •   QUALITY and SPEEDFast Dental Lab

  •   PRICEmexico dentist and dental treatment savings SAVE about 70%


  •   CROWNS -3yr Warrantylava dental crowns in Mexico

  •   Bridges -3yr Warrantyzirconia in Mexico

  •   FREE RIDERide to Brio dentalfrom El Paso, TX

  •    Dentists SPEAK ENGLISH

Mexico Dentist review

Janice, from North Carolina - Zirconia Crowns.

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Root Canals in Mexico

dental root canal in mexico

What happens with this procedure?

Modern root canal treatment is very similar to having a routine filling and usually can be completed in one appointment. Usually you can expect a comfortable experience during and after your appointment.

How does root canal treatment save the tooth?

Root canal or endodontic treatment done within the tooth is vital when the pulp gets to be inflamed or infected. The aggravation or contamination can have an assortment of causes: profound rot, repeated dental procedures on the tooth, broken crowns, or a break or chip in the tooth. Moreover, injury to a tooth might bring about pulp harm regardless of the fact that the tooth has no obvious chips or splits. In the event that pulp aggravation or contamination is left untreated, it can bring about pain or prompt a sore.

During root canal or endodontic treatment, the inflamed or infected pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed. Then, the tooth is restored with a crown. After restoration, the tooth continues to function like any other tooth.

Root canal treatment helps you keep your smile, eating the foods you love and limits the need for continued dental work. With care, most teeth that have had root canal treatment can last a long time.

Mexico Dental Tourism destination

We are proud to attract dental tourists from all over the United States and Canada that travel to our dental clinic in need of Implants, Mexico Implants,mexico dentist prices- now only $589  Our Crowns -start at $289,  and Bridges, Veneers and Dentures are extremely affordable. There are many Americans who travel to Mexico for dental care and Brio Dental does that work for about one third to one half the cost of the same work in the states.

mexico dentist prices, crowns-in mexicoOn your first visit to our clinic, you will receive a thorough evaluation by a trained and licensed Mexican dentist. We will provide you with a recommended treatment plan as prescribed by the doctor. From the moment you call mexico dentist prices, denturewith questions or need information about our clinic or procedures, we are ready to listen and ready to serve. English is spoken, and we all speak it fluently. During the initial consultation,we will explain the procedures in detail and a course of action will be determined.We will not send you home and bring you back in a few weeks to begin work. We are able to begin work pronto! Since most of our patients come from the US or Canada, we know your time is limited. If the dentist in your community is taking too long to get you in for an appointment and the cost is out of hand, maybe it's time to give a dentist us a try. Contact us and speak to a patient coordinator to discuss a treatment plan prescribed by your own dentist, procedure questions, or for planning to visit us.


Review: Andrey from Iowa

Andrey received IMPLANTS, CROWNS.

Review: Canadian Patient

Abraham traveled from Ontario,
Canada for extraction, implant, and fillings.

Juarez reputation? Safer than many US cities - See the numbers

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