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Juarez, Mexico

Los Algodones

Los Algodones is referred to among Canadians and Americans as the dental capital of the world. It's a little traveler goal, however it invites many dental voyagers regular particularly amid winter months. Appropriate over the US-Mexico outskirt, Los Algodones highlights many dental practices, drug stores, eateries and gift shops. The year-round radiant climate attracts guests to unwind and appreciate a day outing to Los Algodones. It is strategically placed on the outskirt of California, Arizona, and Mexico. There are 3 approaches to movement to Los Algodones. To start with, you can drive there - it is 3 ½ hours from Phoenix and 2 ½ hours from San Diego via auto. Second, you can travel to the closest airplane terminals (Yuma International Airport, San Diego International Airport, or Phoenix International Airport). In conclusion, you can ride Dayo Dental's sanction van trips from the Metro Phoenix region to Los Algodones.

Los Algodones Dental

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