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When you think of your jaw bone, think of it as the very foundation for your teeth, lack of bone leads to a loss of teeth. Through professional dental cleanings, flossing and brushing daily, you are doing a lot towards keeping your mouth healthy and preserving your jaw bone.

Lots of times patients will call and say they want to get all of their teeth extracted and have dentures put in or full mouth restoration with implants. Somewhere they get the idea that having dentures would be better than saving their natural teeth. What they don’t realize is that any time your dentist extracts teeth, there is a loss of bone. If your dentist does nothing to preserve bone after extractions, bone loss will occur naturally. Over time, you will have less and less bone. If the bone loss is significant, you may not be a candidate for implants as bone is needed to support implants.
You may think that bone loss is not a big deal, but over time it will also affect your appearance. We’ve all seen people with a sunken mouth appearance…like when Granny takes her dentures out. Over the course of several years, bone loss will affect the appearance of your face as well.

Another problem resulting from bone loss can be an ill-fitting denture. When there isn’t sufficient bone to support the denture, denture patients are in need of constant adjustments by their dentist. And as the years progress, it becomes increasingly difficult to stabilize a denture.

There are other reasons bone loss occurs besides extractions or missing teeth. Periodontal disease, if left untreated, will eat away at the existing bone structure of the jaw. The teeth eventually become loose and fall out without the necessary bone to keep them in place. Periodontal disease should always be treated as it affects the very foundation of your teeth. If you have bone loss as a result of periodontal disease, you may not be a candidate for implants.

At Brio Dental in Mexico, your smile is important to us. Our dentists recommend patients get regular cleanings at six month intervals and remember to brush and floss daily. If you have already experienced some bone loss, don’t worry. The dentists can help build up your bone in preparation for implants, or just to preserve the jawbone from future or ongoing bone loss. Your dentist can recommend various treatments to you, but the best treatment is preventing the loss before it happens.