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Composite Fillings at Brio Dental in Mexico

In years past, doctors did not have much choice in the materials they could use to put a filling in your tooth. Amalgam has been used for decades, and it is quite safe and very strong. But amalgam fillings just don’t look nice! They are silver in color, and they darken to black over time. Amalgam fillings are also low cost and self sealing. They are not prone to breakage and are nearly indestructible. But who wants a dark amalgam filling for a front tooth? Good news! Composite resin fillings are here, and they are even stronger than ever. Composite fillings have become standard filling material in our Mexico clinic. Composite fillings are made up of tiny particles that have reflective properties of glass, and acrylic resin. Technology has advanced so far in the last decade that composite fillings have become as strong as those old amalgam fillings, making them the perfect choice for rear teeth as well as front teeth. Composite material remains pliable until cured, giving the dentist plenty of time to mold and shape the material until he is satisfied. Once in place, the dentist cures the material by shining a special light on it. Voila! The filling is done, and it matches the color of your natural tooth.

Patients call our clinic in Mexico every day asking about removing old amalgam filling and replacing them with composite fillings. We can replace all of your fillings in a single appointment. Composite fillings can be used for more than filling in a spot of decay. They can cover abrasion lines from brushing too hard. They can also be used to fix malformed teeth or small chips. Composites are versatile and durable.