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If you are travelling to Brio Dental in Mexico and need crowns, below we have provided some information that explains some of the different crowns available.

What is a crown? Some people call them caps, but crowns is the proper term. A crown fits on top of the tooth, sort of like a cap fits on your head. It is an artificial covering that will protect a tooth that is damaged by decay, erosion or breakage. Crowns cans be made out of many materials, and your dentist will recommend the proper material for you for your situation.

Full Metal Crowns: Most full metal crowns are made of gold. Full metal crowns are used exclusively on back teeth. These crowns are extremely durable and since they have no porcelain coating, they are immune to chipping. Another advantage to full metal crowns is that the structure of the tooth is reduced minimally to accept a full metal crown. Crowns made of other materials require a more severe reduction.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns: Porcelain fused to metal crowns are most often used for back teeth. They can be used on front teeth in certain instances, like for people that grind their teeth or clench them. These crowns have the strength and stability of a full metal crown, but they are more aesthetically pleasing. The porcelain can be color matched to your natural teeth.

All Porcelain Crowns: All porcelain crowns are the most natural looking crown because they allow the color of the underlying natural tooth to show through. The crowns have a translucent appearance, just like your natural teeth, and they have no metal to show through them. They are not as strong as metal crowns, so their use is limited to front teeth that are not subjected to the biting forces of the molars.

All Ceramic Crowns: Sometimes, the dentist will recommend a crown that contains no metal, and is made entirely from a ceramic material, like zirconia. These crowns are very strong, resistant to wear, and are tooth colored. They are not as translucent as porcelain, but they can be used for back teeth because of their strength. These crowns can be used for patients that prefer non-metal crowns throughout. Zirconia crowns are just as strong as gold crowns, and they also allow for less reduction of the tooth structure by your dentist. They are ideal for “grinders”.

Brio Dental offers all of the above crowns. Our dentist in Mexico will recommend the proper crown for you based on your individual needs. The dentist may recommend a combination of different types of crowns, and they can all be matched in color to your natural teeth, or even whiter.