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EXTRACTIONS at Brio Dental in Mexico

Sometimes your dentist will find it necessary to extract a tooth. Some reasons a tooth may need to be extracted include, but are not limited to, the cost of saving the tooth, periodontal issues or decay below the gum line. Most dentists prefer to save a tooth whenever possible. But if a tooth is beyond saving, the dentist will recommend extraction.

Generally speaking, there are two different types of extractions: simple and surgical. At Brio Dental in Mexico, our dentists can perform both simple and surgical extractions. Many times patients ask us what constitutes a surgical extraction. Below is a list of what commonly constitutes a surgical extraction:

1) Wisdom teeth: erupted or completely or partially impacted;

2) A tooth that is broken or breaks when the doctor pulls it;

3) Any tooth that is completely or partially impacted;

4) Roots that remain from a tooth that was broken off at one time.

Simple extractions are just that…the gums are loosened around the tooth and the tooth is easily extracted by pulling at the crown of the tooth. The dentist is able to get the tooth out in a single piece. Your dentist will always strive do simple extractions whenever possible.

If you are planning to visit our clinic in Mexico, we will review all options that are available when possible to avoid an extraction.