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At our Mexico clinic, implants are one of the most popular treatments. Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, or for full restoration. Implant prices in Mexico can be half the price charged by your US dentist. All of the implants used in our Mexico clinic are purchased from US suppliers. The implants are made of titanium.

IMPLANTS: What to expect on your first appointment

Our trained implant dentist will take a panoramic x-ray of your mouth. The dentist will also take some measurements of your jaw bone to make sure you have enough bone to support the implants. If so, the dentist will proceed to surgically place the implants. Most patients experience minimal pain with this procedure. The doctor places the implants in your bone, and bone does not have nerve endings that cause pain. Once the implants are in place, they will need to heal for about 6 months. During this healing period, the implant will integrate with your bone and form a permanent bond. You can wear a partial denture over your implants during this healing phase. Your Mexico dentist can take impressions of your mouth and have a partial denture ready for you the day after the implants are placed.


After your implant has healed, you will need to return to our Mexico clinic to get the final crown placed. The dentist will activate the implant. This means that the dentist will remove the healing cap and place an abutment inside the implant. The abutment will stick up above the gum line, and the crown will be cemented onto this abutment. The dentist will take an impression and send it to the dental lab. The lab will deliver the crown about 4 days later. The dentist will make sure the crown fits perfectly, and you will have a chance to approve the fit and appearance before the final crown is cemented. Once the dentist cements the crown, you are finished!

Implants in Mexico are a real bargain. The implants used at Brio Dental are high quality titanium, and are finished off by top quality crowns. Implants are the best treatment option to replace missing teeth, and our Mexico dentists are waiting to hear from you and to restore your smile.