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What is a partial denture?

A partial denture is a removable appliance that can replace a single missing tooth or several. It is made from a custom mold taken of your mouth. It attaches to your remaining teeth and is held in place by suction and by the clips.


Why do I need to wear a partial denture?

There are several advantages to wearing a partial denture. When a tooth is extracted, the remaining teeth on either side of the gap tend to shift into that gap. This shift can change your bite and cause gaps to develop between your teeth. A partial denture keeps the teeth aligned properly and prevents shifting. Another reason to wear a partial denture is to protect implants. If your dentist has placed an implant after an extraction, you need to wear a partial denture to protect the implant underneath, and to prevent other teeth from shifting into that space.

Partial Dentures vs Full Dentures

A partial denture is always a better option for patients than full dentures. Many patients come to Brio Dental in Mexico and ask the dentist to remove all their teeth and put in dentures. They are often tired of spending money on procedures and just want to be done with dentists! But that is a mistaken notion. Just because you don’t have natural teeth anymore does not mean you are through with your dentist. Dentures need to be replaced every 2 years, or at least relined. But the most severe consequence of pulling all your teeth is bone loss. The more teeth you keep in your mouth, the more bone you can keep. The roots of the teeth anchor the bone. Progressive bone loss can cause premature aging as the facial structure begins to cave in when the support system disappears. And when you have some teeth left, they can also be used to anchor a partial denture. Even 2- 4 natural teeth can make a big difference in your comfort level. A few anchor teeth will make the partial denture much more stable. Trust your Mexico dentist to recommend to you how many teeth must be removed, and which teeth will make stable anchors for your partial denture.

Types of Partial Dentures

Brio Dental, in Mexico offers a variety of partial dentures. Cast metal dentures are strong, less bulky, and offer the best fit. Acrylic partial dentures are the most affordable dentures the dentists can offer. The acrylic denture attaches to your teeth with metal clasps. Another partial denture option is a flexible material that most often use gum colored clasps instead of metal. Your Mexico dentist can discuss options with you and help you choose the partial that is right for you. In most cases, partial dentures can be completed overnight.