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Root Canals at Brio Dental in Mexico


A root canal, also called endodontic treatment, is done on a tooth that is experiencing sensitivity, tenderness, swelling around the gums or abscess. We treat many patients who have traveled to our clinic in Mexico for Root Canals. During a root canal, the dentist will remove the inflamed pulp (the material at the center of the roots; also contains the nerve), and then the dentist will fill and seal the space. Once this procedure is done, the tooth will lose the sensitivity pain. The dentist will fill the space with a spongy, rubberized material to seal it. Once the tooth has had a root canal, it must be protected with a crown. The tooth will become brittle over time, and the crown will protect it from breaking or chipping. A tooth that has had a root canal might feel slightly different from your natural teeth. This is normal and the feeling should go away after a few months. Any medications required can be purchased at a pharmacy in Mexico before returning to the US.


When the soft tissue (pulp) inside the tooth becomes inflamed or infected, you need a root canal. The inflammation or infection can be caused by a number of factors: a crack or chip in a tooth, decay, too many dental procedures on the tooth, or traumatic injury. Even if there is no visible injury to the tooth, and the x-rays show nothing, you might still need a root canal if your symptoms persist. Most people experience hot and cold sensitivity, or throbbing pain in the tooth if the nerve is inflamed. If you have an abscess, the pain can be severe. Untreated, an abscess can lead to bone loss, and possibly the loss of your tooth.

When visiting us in Mexico, we will advise you when we believe a Root Canal may be necessary if a tooth is being prepared for a crown. However, once the dentist has done the prep work, he sometimes decides that a root canal is not necessary.


Usually, the patient finds the procedure to be painless and effective. Most patients present with pain before the procedure. After all, that’s why you are having it done. Because you have pain and sensitivity. Afterwards, you might have some slight discomfort, but the tooth will be in a better state that before the procedure. Try not to chew on the tooth immediately after the procedure. Plan to get that tooth crowned by your dentist as quickly as possible.

At Brio Dental in Mexico, our dentists perform root canals every day. All of our dentists have experience in endodontics and in crown placement. Don’t put off doing a root canal. The procedure only takes about 1 hour, and it can save your tooth.