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Periodontal Treatment in Mexico

For all stages of Periodontal Disease the removal of all plaque and calculus (hardened plaque) are Scaling, Root Planing and Periodontal Surgery

 if the damage to the gum disease is slight this procedure is done by a dentist without anesthesia
 The dentist uses a pick and scraped the tooth to remove plaque

Root Planing
 Root Planing is a procedure used when the damage from the Periodontal Disease is more prominent exposing more root structure above the bone
 Since the root is more exposed and very sensitive this procedure always calls for anesthesia
Flap Procedure
 Two vertical incisions are make around the teeth exposing the bone and the roots
 After the bone is exposed, the bone is reshaped sometimes a bone graft will need to be done if to help reshaped the gum
Bone Grafting
 If there is not enough bone a bone graft is required. The material for the bone graft is a collagen membrane. This procedure is call guided tissue regeneration
Our dentist at Brio Dental in Juarez, Mexico have the ability to perform the above procures or we will have a specialists (Periodontist) from Mexico to help with the needs of the patients.