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Periodontal Treatment at Brio Dental in Mexico

Periodontal Disease is an issue all of us should be very much aware of, what the disease can do to our healthy teeth without knowing we have the disease. It is a painless but can ruin healthy teeth quickly. It all boils down to personal hygiene, visiting the dentist, cleaning at dentist, brushing teeth at least once a day or maybe more to get rid of plaque, using dental floss to get between the teeth or even a toothpick. This is a nasty disease and once a person has it is VERY difficult to stop.

What is Periodontal Disease?
The disease begins with swollen, red gums, bleeding gums, receding gums, abbesses and having loose teeth. Most loose teeth can become very painful and can fall out or must be extracted. Periodontal Disease is caused by poor oral hygiene but it can be prevented by brushing teeth everyday (maybe even twice a day) and flossing between teeth either with dental floss or toothpicks. However once Periodontal Disease starts it is very difficult to stop. The first sign of this disease are bleeding gums and the last sign is no teeth at all.
Stages of Periodontal Disease

 First Stage but this can be reversed by brushing the teeth at least once a day and using dental floss between the teeth after meals and before going to bed
 By brushing the teeth and removing the plaque and flossing this will help in the reversal of Gingivitis
 But a person must remember, this is a painless disease so do not ignore any bleeding of the gums

Bone Loss
Bone loss is coming from harden plaque buildup. This has to be removed by a dentist or the dental hygienist in dentist office before damage is done
If plaque in not removed bone loss will continue and the teeth become loose and will either fall out or have to be extracted and dentures will be needed
Our dentists at Brio Dental in Juarez, Mexico are able to do many of the procedures unless the Periodontal Disease has progress then we will call in a Periodontists who specializes in treatment of the gum disease.