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Juarez, Mexico
- Implants: 10 year free replacement warranty. -

**** Patient Border Crossing Times BACK TO USA are short, about Five Minutes.

Until June 30 , 2023
SAVE 15%

on Zirconia Monlithic CROWNS


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 About Juarez, Mexico

Juarez(approx. 1.5 million residents), Chihuahua is right on the US border across from El Paso(approx. 800,000 residents), Texas. Together with the surrounding areas, the cities form El Paso–Juárez, the second largest binational metropolitan area on the Mexico–U.S. border, with a combined population of over 2.7 million people.

We bring you from your Hotel in El Paso, Texas to Brio Dental in Mexico

Juarez has a growing industrial center, which in large part is made up by more than 300 maquiladoras (assembly plants) located in and around the city. According to a New York Times article, Ciudad Juárez was "absorbing more new industrial real estate space than any other North American city". fDi Magazine designated Ciudad Juárez "The City of the Future".

During the week, thousands from El Paso cross to Juarez to work in the maquilas. They are not factory workers but highly paid professionals working as Operations Managers, Plant Managers, VP’s, Controllers, Engineers, HR professionals, various other business professionals, etc. People sometimes think one would be paid less to do these jobs across the border, but it is the opposite and they are paid more than the equivalent positions in the US.

Almost 35,000 cars, 20,000 pedestrians, and about 5,000 cargo trucks cross each day between Juárez and El Paso. For 2017, the U.S. Department of Transportation calculated 41 million northbound non-commercial crossings from Juárez to El Paso, a tally just more than California's population.

Many of the stereotypes that exist of the border are simply rooted in misperceptions.

Crossing back to USA - No Quarantine Requirements, No Testing Requirements,
(updated 2/5/2021)
... he did not even have a passport.

Mexico Dentists, Brio Dental in Juarez

Your Mexico Dentist, Brio Dental is only minutes across the border from El Paso, Texas in the city of Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. We have three dentists on permanant staff at the clinic, and have a network of dental specialist we bring in as needed. We are proud to attract dental tourists from all over the United States and Canada that travel to our dental clinic for Implants, now only $789, and Zirconia Crowns starting at $479. Bridges, Veneers and Dentures are also extremely affordable. There are many Americans who travel to Mexico for dental care at Brio Denta, for work done at about one third the cost of a dentist in the United States for the same work.

On your first visit to our clinic, you will receive a thorough evaluation by a trained and licensed Mexican dentist. Our dentist will provide a recommended treatment plan. From the moment you call with questions or need information about our clinic or procedures, we are ready to listen and ready to serve. English is spoken, and we all speak it fluently. During the initial consultation, the dentist in Mexico will explain the procedures in detail and a course of action will be determined. We will not send you home and bring you back in a few weeks to begin work. We are able to begin work right away. Since most of our patients come from the US or Canada, we know your time is limited. If the dentist in your community is taking too long to get you in for an appointment and the cost is out of hand, maybe it's time to give our dentists a try. Contact us and speak to a patient coordinator to discuss a treatment plan prescribed by your own local dentist, procedure questions, or for planning to visit us.

Reasons to Choose Brio Dental:


  •   PRICESAVE 65% over USA
        or Canadian DENTISTS


  •   CROWNS -5yr Warrantylava dental crowns in Mexico

  •   BRIDGE -5yr Warrantyzirconia in Mexico

  •   FREE RIDERide to Brio dental- El Paso, TX

  •    Dentists SPEAK ENGLISH

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Mexico Dentist review

Janice, from North Carolina - Zirconia Crowns.

Discount for Active/Retired Military, Law Enforcement, & Firefighters.

Mexico Dental Tourism destination

Brio Dental is definitely a destination to get that major dental work done at a substantial savings. Most of you have a treatment plan from your dentist, which is why you are searching the internet for an alternative. What to do? Send us the treatment plan and we can return an estimate for the same work. Our prices are on the price page for most items, but the treatment plan estimate puts it all together for your individual plan, with a total. From that starting point, you can begin to evaluate the cost with our treatment plan estimate total, and travel costs to make a decision. Most of our patients are only here for only two to five days to complete their entire dental treatment plan. Implant patients will need at least two trips six months apart.

Patients travel various way to get to El Paso, whether by car, plane, some by bus, and even by train. Patients who have traveled the furthest to get to Brio Dental flew from Hawaii, and drove from Fairbanks, Alaska.


On June 1, 2009, the U.S. government implemented the full requirements of the land and sea phase of WHTI. The rules require most U.S. citizens entering the United States from Mexico at sea or land ports of entry to have a passport, passport card, or other travel document approved by the Department of Homeland Security.

In practice and reality, US CITIZENS are crossing to Mexico and returning to the US EVERY DAY without a passport, using only Drivers License and Birth Certificate. Some do not even have that. IN OUR 18 YEARS IN BUSINESS NOT ONE AMERICAN PATIENT COULD NOT RE-ENTER THE USA. - It has NEVER HAPPENED, AND MOST DO NOT HAVE PASSPORTS.

Brio Dental estimates that only about 25-30% of our American patients cross with a valid passport. -Some forgot it at home, it is expired, never got one, etc. US Customs has not denied entry back to the US to any of our patients, ever. That is thousands cross without the passport, and have no difficulties.

Customs prefers if you do not have a US Passport to bring copy of your birth certificate and your Drivers License or other State ID. If you do not have that, they will ask for other forms of ID. Some patients have crossed back to El Paso with no ID at all. One patient used a COSTCO card, because that is all she had after her driver's license was lost and could not be replaced in time for her visit.

US State Department website even talks about crossing without passport: (Crossing the U.S. - Mexico Border by Land: If you are a U.S. citizen crossing into the United States from Mexico by land without a U.S. passport, you may be slowing down the lines and increasing your wait time.) This usually adds about 20 seconds to the process where they may mention you should get a passport.

Again, nobody has been denied re-entry to the US, so just relax.

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Angies List Mexico Dentist Reviews

The dentists, office clerks, overall personnel are very A+ professional.

"Brio clinic are so professional they have transportation service if people from U.S. do not want to take their vehicles over the border. The dentists, office clerks, overall personnel are very A+ professional. In the future I will be going over there for my dental needs. High quality workmanship and very nice building, modern equipment. We highly recommend this Dental Clinic AAA+"

WhatClinic Mexico Dentist Reviews

There would be no reason to not consider Brio Dental

"I was very please with the service and the prices quoted. There would be no reason to not consider Brio Dental Clinic as a serious solution. I received three implants and one crown. Very satisfied customer."

Realself Review, Juarez, Mexico

I had the dentist do the exam and they just made me feel I made the correct choice

"Looked on the internet for a place with good prices and Brio Dental was my choice. I called several places but Brio Dental was just more professional on the phone and the pace was just perfect. My 1st visit I had the dentist do the exam and they just made me feel I made the correct choice to come to this place."

Realself Review

I tell you all go visit them
they change my life.

6 Oct 2015
"I made the trip t El Paso Tx and went across the border to Juarez Mexico to visit Brio Dental I had all my upper front teeth done with veneers and my new smile is just so incredible the price is even better $379.00 of one veneer and they are manufactured in the U.S.A. I tell you all go visit them they change my life."

Dentist Review: Andrey from Iowa

Andrey received IMPLANTS, and
CROWNS from our dentist at Brio.

Dentist Review: Canadian Patient

Abraham traveled from Ontario, Canada
for implants, extractions, and fillings.

Juarez reputation? Safer than many US cities - See the numbers

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Reasons to speak to Brio Dental:

  1. Estimate your total dental cost in Mexico
  2. Get answers to your dental questions
  3. Plan your trip – where to go, how long to stay
  4. Schedule your appointment.
  5. Book transportation to clinic in Juarez.

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