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The tale of the three amigos going to Brio Dental in Mexcio

Gaby, Frank and Lisa all lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and all needed to get some dental work. Gaby needed a 3-unit bridge and a couple of crowns; Frank needed veneers; and Lisa needed root canals and crowns. They spent weeks and weeks discussing what they should do. They had been to dentists in Santa Fe and just could not afford it. Frank was shocked to learn that veneers could be as much as $1,000 a tooth! Lisa was shocked to learn a root canal was $700-$800! They finally reached a consensus…they would go to Mexico! They researched Mexico dentists. They spent hours calling clinics in Mexico and scouring websites. They met and talked to some people who had been to Brio Dental in Juarez, Mexico. They peppered them with questions about Mexico, dentists, safety. They were surprised to learn how easy, fast, affordable, and safe it was to travel to Mexico for dental work. They decided to call Brio Dental.
Gaby made the appointments for all three. They started their work on a Friday and drove back to Santa Fe that evening. They would return the following week to complete their work. They didn’t need to stay in El Paso while the crowns, bridge and veneers were being made. They could head home if they wanted and return when everything was ready to cement. They didn’t have hotel expenses and they didn’t need to miss a lot of work. Everything worked exactly as planned.
Gaby, Frank and Lisa have the smiles to prove it. Thanks to Brio Dental!