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Carol saved $22,000 on her new smile at Brio Dental in Juarez Mexico!

Carol had spent years of her life taking care of other people: first, her husband and kids and, now, her elderly parents. Growing up she had been poor and didn’t have access to dental care. There just wasn’t money in the budget to take care of teeth; it was difficult to find money for the bare necessities. Carol remembers other kids making fun of her in high school because she had already lost some teeth due to decay. She rarely smiled, and when she did, she made sure her lips covered her teeth. Now, after years of saving money, Carol wants to make up for lost time. She wants to feel her best and look her best. She longs for a beautiful smile…one she can be proud of! She’s heard dental care in Mexico is cheaper, but she’s worried. She’s afraid the work won’t be of good quality. She’s heard about violence and her kids think she’s crazy to make the trip! However, Carol’s been to her local dentist, and felt her heart sink and head spin with dizziness when they gave her the price for her new smile…$30,000! “I don’t have that kind of money!” She exclaimed, but the dentist didn’t seem to care. It was all business to him. Carol cried all the way home. Undeterred, the next morning, Carol stumbled across Brio Dental’s website. She listened to the patient testimonials, she read about all the procedures they offer, and as she did, an uninhibited smile inched its way across her face. She had been quoted thousands of dollars for crowns and bridges in Tallahassee! She picked up the phone and called Brio’s 800 number. A friendly patient coordinator named, Donna, listened to her story and told her they could help. Carol felt hope creep into her heart. She wept, but this time, it was tears of joy! That same day, Donna emailed her Brio Dental estimate. Carol couldn’t believe her eyes…at $8,000, it was a fraction of what she was quoted by her dentist. The crowns were porcelain fused to high noble and they would be made at a lab in the States! She made her reservations. When the plane landed in El Paso, Texas, on a sunny Monday morning, she was picked up at the airport and taken to Brio Dental’s offices in Juarez, Mexico. She couldn’t believe it took less than thirty minutes to arrive at the clinic! The office was warm and welcoming and Carol felt completely at ease and safe. Impressions were taken by a friendly doctor, who genuinely cared, and Carol was well on her way to a beautiful smile. By Friday, Carol couldn’t stop smiling! She squealed to her kids on the phone…”You won’t recognize me anymore!” She felt like a model! For the first time in Carol’s life, she had done something for herself and she loved it! Thanks to Brio Dental she could smile again!