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The Judgment- Free Dentists in Mexico!

I’ve made some mistakes in my life, and I willingly admit them, but I hate the feeling of being judged. It was that feeling that kept me from the dentist for years. Sure…I was embarrassed about my teeth and I tried to cover my mouth as best I could. Trips to the dentist proved to be embarrassing and heartbreaking. The dentist would lecture me about my misspent youth, and how my teeth were damaged as a result of my poor decisions. It was always unbearable and heartbreaking. I really couldn’t defend my past actions, but I didn’t need to feel judged either. I just wanted to get my teeth fixed and to be free from judgment. I had yet to make a connection with a dentist who I felt cared about me and could look past my misspent youth. I had heard about people going to Mexico for dental work and I figured I’d give it a try. I just didn’t want to be judged and I couldn’t afford US prices for dental work anyway. I knew I didn’t have anything to lose.
When I called Brio Dental in Juarez, Mexico, I really didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask. I knew I was stammering and I could feel my stomach twist in knots. Cathy told me to take my time and started to give me information about the clinic in Mexico. She told me how they offered free transportation from El Paso; how the doctors and clinic staff were used to treating patients with multiple dental issues; and she expressed sincere sympathy when I told her about my misspent youth. She told me they could take care of me and would love to have me as a patient! She encouraged me to come, and I felt encouraged for the first time ever. Coming to Brio Dental in Juarez, Mexico, would be one of the better decisions in my life! I never felt judged. The doctors treated me like any other patient and I no longer felt condemned for the decisions I had made in my past. Saving money is the reason most people go to Mexico for dental work, but I went, and continue to go, because they treat me with respect and dignity. It has taken a few trips to get the smile of my dreams, but I don’t trust anyone else to do my dental work. The folks at Brio Dental in Juarez, Mexico, are like family to me now. Give them a call. You’ll save money and they’ll treat you like family. Experience it for yourself. They can help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed about, but just didn’t have the courage to do it. Stop feeling judged. They are the judgment-free dentists!