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Ryan got the last laugh after Seeing the dentist in Mexico!

Amazed is what Ryan was when he looked at his new smile! He traveled all the way from North Carolina for full mouth restoration. All of his friends tried to talk him out of travel to Mexico. They mentioned border violence and joked about the quality of dental work he would receive in Mexico at Brio Dental. Ryan told them they could laugh all they wanted, but none of them could come up with the $60,000 his dentist was asking back home! They even said he should just pull all his teeth and get dentures, but Ryan was just 33 years old. He didn’t want dentures! Ryan knew having a new smile wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was about eating again! He was tired of mulling food around in his mouth and tried to eat when no one was watching. He didn’t want his kids to see him with missing teeth, but he sure didn’t want to wear dentures either. He felt certain there might be a way to save his teeth and have the smile he always wanted, and he also knew, he flat out wasn’t going to pay for all the flat screen TVs at his dentist’s office in North Carolina! Boy…he knew his friends would either be jealous when he returned from Brio Dental or he would never live it down!
From the moment he made contact with Susan, a patient coordinator at Brio Dental, he knew he was making the right decision. She took the time to listen to his concerns; she explained all the options; she promised to put together an estimate and email it right away. Now, mind you, it was a Saturday! As Ryan and his wife listened on the other end, they knew this was the right choice. Everything seemed to add up…the good quality dental care, the excellent pricing, the free transportation from El Paso, well-trained dentists and staff and, the best part, Ryan could eat again…if everything went as planned. Ryan knew there was a reason he made that phone call on Saturday. He could feel his life and his smile was just about to change forever.
AND…it did! Now, Ryan’s friends all want to come to Brio Dental in Juarez, Mexico. Ryan walks through town with a smile on his face and everybody wants his teeth! He feels more confident about his job and his life. He even got promoted a few short months after he returned from Brio Dental. He feels grateful to have found Brio Dental…he praises the staff, the doctors and the honesty and integrity with the way in which they conduct their business. They really care about their patients. It’s not just another mouth to them. Now, Ryan truly has the last laugh!