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Mexico Dentist Stories of Brio Dental Pastients

At Brio Dental we know you’re taking a big step entrusting your dental care to us. You are presumably traveling long distances to get to our clinic in Mexico, you’ve saved money for months or years, you’ve taken off time from your job and your busy life, and you have high hopes for a new smile…a new life. We know you’ve also had bad experiences with dentists or you’ve been unable to get the quality dental care you deserve. We are here to say…we understand and we will take good care of you. At Brio Dental, we are committed to helping you achieve your dental goals.
Whether you need crowns, bridges, implants or dentures, we are here to help with all your dental needs. We have an entire team of trained staff, consisting of dental assistants, dentists, patient coordinators, and our very own driver, Oz. We’ve got everything covered right down to the transportation. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision. We know it’s a big decision to entrust your dental needs to us and we don’t take it lightly. We want you to feel like you’ve made the right decision and you can rely on us to help you reach your dental goals. We are professionals and we are here to serve you at Brio Dental in Juarez, Mexico.
Maybe you are thinking Mexico is a long way to go for dental work. You’d be surprised! Our patients come from all over the US and Canada. They come because they just cannot afford the high cost of dental care in the US or Canada. They feel as if they’ve run out of options and hope with respect to their dental needs. They know having teeth is not just about a beautiful smile; it’s about being able to eat and enjoy food as well. They’ve educated themselves on medical tourism and they know they have options outside the US for their dental needs. They’re surprised to find that Mexico is such a viable option and one that is so close to home.

From Carol's story: " Carol couldn’t believe her eyes…at $8,000, it was a fraction of what she was quoted by her dentist. The crowns were porcelain fused to high noble and they would be made at a lab in the States! She made her reservations. When the plane landed in El Paso, Texas, on a sunny Monday morning, she was picked up at the airport and taken to Brio Dental’s offices in Juarez, Mexico. She couldn’t believe it took less than thirty minutes to arrive at the clinic! The office was warm and welcoming and Carol felt completely at ease and safe. Impressions were taken by a friendly doctor, who genuinely cared, and Carol was well on her way to a beautiful smile. By Friday..."

FROM Ryan's story: "He traveled all the way from North Carolina for full mouth restoration. All of his friends tried to talk him out of travel to Mexico. They mentioned border violence and joked about the quality of dental work he would receive in Mexico at Brio Dental. Ryan told them they could laugh all they wanted, but none of them could come up with the $60,000 his dentist was asking back home..."

From Jennifer's story: "after years of struggling with bulimia, her mouth is a mess! Most of her teeth need to be crowned, some need root canals and some may need to be extracted. She’s seen several dentists in the US and just can’t afford it. She feels destined to have bad teeth until she happens to find Brio Dental in Juarez, Mexico!
As Jennifer describes it, she spent about six months researching Mexico dentists, she..."

Our patients come from all walks of life, and they’ve endured a lot of dental nightmares or, rather, dental experiences. They love to share their dental stories with us. Maybe you’ve got your own story or can relate to stories from our patients. What our patients have in common is they all took the first step and made the journey to our clinic, Brio Dental in Juarez, Mexico. It was a big leap towards getting the smile of their dreams. Read their stories and we hope they’ll inspire you, too. At Brio Dental, we are here to help. We want you to have the smile you’ve always wanted, and we are ready and able to make the journey with you.

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